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A-IQ Ready General Assembly Meeting

On the 10th-11th of October 2023, A-IQ Ready partners had the great pleasure of meeting at the first General Assembly Meeting, which was organized in Barcelona, Spain. A two-day event was dedicated to aligning the project status and next steps to finalize the first year of the project successfully.

The meeting started with Core team discussions, contractual aspects, WPs’ and SCs’ status updates, main challenges, and future plans. The first day of the Meeting was especially productive and beneficial for A-IQ Ready SCs, because they had a chance to dedicate the afternoon to round tables – workshops and align on ongoing tasks, concrete use cases, and following activities!

A-IQ Ready has eight SCs: SC1 Safe Co-existence of Automated and Manual Transport at Industrial Sites SC2 Search & Rescue (SAR) and emergency response for civil safety SC3 Digital Health and Emergency recognition for Driver and Operator SC4 Propulsion health and availability in safety critical situations SC5 Quantum sensor Multi-modal, multi-physical sensing at highest precision SC6 Hybrid Computing (Quantum Computing & High-Performance Computing) SC7 Cooperative Multi-Agent Systems (Decentralized AI for Emergent Industrial Solutions) SC8 AI, Architectures, Tools and Methodologies (for open source and cross domain fertilization).

On the second day of the Meeting, SCs’ and WPs’ leaders presented the final status updates and conclusions of yesterday’s workshops. Thanks to all partners for coming, for participating and active discussions! It was a pleasure to meet you!

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