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A-IQ Ready PMT Team Gathers for First Projects Review Meeting

Date: March 13, 2024

Location: White Atrium, Brussels, Belgium

The A-IQ Ready project PMT team is poised to convene for the first Projects Review Meeting on March 13, 2024. The Meeting will be hosted at the Chips Ju premises – White Atrium in Brussels, Belgium. 

During the Meeting, the project supply chain and work package leaders will present the progress we have made in the first twelve months of the project. The advancement of the project will be evaluated by the Project Officer, Eric Fribourg-Blanc, and the Reviewers, Marian Verhelst and Jaafar Gaber.

This Meeting underscores the team's commitment to innovation and collaboration in shaping a smarter, more interconnected future. As the Meeting unfolds, anticipation runs high for the insights and developments that will propel the project forward on its path toward success.

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