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Research Needs and Trends in Power Electronics

What is the role of Power Electronics in Society? What are possible Power Electronics applications? How it contributes to sustainability?

These and many other questions were answered in the Key Digital Technologies Networking workshop in Mallorca by Thomas Harder from ECPE European Center for Power Electronics in his presentation “Research Needs and Trends in Power Electronics”.

Power Electronics will enable the All-Electric Society, and it will be clean, convenient, and efficient!

In an All-electric society, power semiconductors play a crucial role in efficiently converting, controlling, and distributing electrical power. Silicon carbide (SiC) is a material commonly used in power semiconductors because it can handle high voltage and high temperatures, making it ideal for use in electric vehicles and other power-intensive applications.

In addition to power semiconductors, the use of highly precise multiphysical design space evaluation based on quantum sensors can greatly enhance the efficiency and reliability of the electrical grid. These sensors can provide real-time data on the performance of the electrical system, allowing for more accurate predictions and control of the flow of electricity.

For example, quantum sensors can be used to monitor the temperature and voltage of power semiconductors in real-time, allowing for early detection of potential issues and allowing for timely maintenance and repair. This can result in improved reliability and reduced downtime, as well as reduced energy waste and lower operating costs.

Furthermore, the use of highly precise multiphysical design space evaluation can also help optimize the design of power semiconductors, leading to improved performance and energy efficiency. This can help drive down the cost of producing and distributing electricity, making it more accessible and affordable for everyone.

In conclusion, the use of power semiconductors and highly precise multi physical design space evaluation based on quantum sensors can play a critical role in enabling an all-electric society. By improving the efficiency and reliability of the electrical grid, these technologies can help to create a more sustainable and convenient future!

For more information about The All-Electric Society, check the ECPE Position paper.

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