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A-IQ Ready at The Autonomous

On the 14th of September 2023, A-IQ Ready project was presented at the Autonomous Main Event, where Reiner John from AVL gave the project related presentation at the the spotlight session - Autonomous Driving and Future Mobility Trends in R&D.

This session hosted by TTTech Auto focused on the rapidly evolving fields of autonomous driving and future mobility technologies. It aimed to address key challenges such as precise localization, sensor integration, intelligent decision-making, and distributed collaborative intelligence. The workshop aimed to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among experts, researchers, industry professionals, and policymakers to explore innovations and opportunities in this domain.

In this session, Reiner John shared his insights about sustainable mobility and technology convergence, specifically the synergies it takes to transform our ecosystems towards autonomous vehicles. He stressed the importance of collaboration, not just on a technological level, but also on a societal level, reminding the audience that the acceptance of a new technology largely depends on the value it contributes to a community. Reiner John illustrated how the A-IQ-Ready project contributes to this objective by applying disruptive technologies, such as Quantum Sensing, Neuromorphic Acceleration, and AI in multi-agent systems to build up a digital backbone for the Society 5.0.

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