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A-IQ Ready SC2 Meeting

A-IQ Ready SC2 focusing on Search & Rescue (SAR) and emergency response for civil safety is at full speed!

In the middle of June, SC2 partners met in the first F2F meeting organized at Zentrum am Berg, Austria. The main goals of the meeting were to discuss individual status, progress in the ongoing tasks and get knowledge of local tunnels where the final demonstrations of SC2 are planned. Also, it was essential to finalize the partner contributions to the use cases.

During the meeting, partners had a chance to visit Zentrum am Berg tunnel facilities and to get information about their structures, and equipment. This allows partners to define and decide about possible demonstration scenarios to show at the end of the project.

To summarise, this meeting was a great chance not only to talk about the individual status and progress in the ongoing tasks but also to get first impressions of the location and the environment and discuss specifying validation scenarios and high-level functional system architectures in order to derive requirements.

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