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Interview with A-IQ Ready coordinator Darjan Kozic

Can you tell us a bit about how and when the inspiration for the A-IQ Ready project came about?

The time during the pandemic and initiation of the war has revealed the issues which require solutions so that Europe can become strong, autonomous and resilient. The disruption of supply chains has shifted the economic center of gravity from the West to Asia. At this stage, the European eco-system of politics, economy, industry and research has launched initiatives to work on solutions to overcome those challenges.

And what does the name of the project – A-IQ Ready – represents?

The name of the project represents the three main pillars of technological development in the A-IQ Ready project: Quantum sensing, Edge continuum orchestration of AI, Distributed collaborative intelligence. The development and complementation between those three technology pillars shall return a successful project outcome as well as reach the ultimate goal of an autonomous, sovereign and resilient Europe, so that the provision of goods and services to the European society becomes less dependent on uncontrollable factors.

A-IQ Ready is an ambitious project with 49 partners from 15 European countries. What are the main benefits and challenges of such a large project?

Indeed, A-IQ Ready is a large project that is combining the efforts of the main European industrial, research and university players involved in the topic of ECS. The main benefit of such a large consortium is that different ideas and individual goals can be combined into a hand-full of project objectives that will make a meaningful impact on the European goals for a sustainable future. On the other side, the main challenge is to fulfill those project objectives through actual results in the project, and this can only be achieved if the different project partners are collaborating effectively to develop joint solutions.

What is the greatest ambition for A-IQ Ready?

In my opinion, the greatest ambition for A-IQ Ready is to reveal again the innovative European spirit to create a new way of leveraging information and use it in different domains for effective monitoring, maintenance, and development of technologies for a safe, secure, independent and resilient European economy and digital society.

And what are the main first achievements of the project today?

A-IQ Ready is a relatively young project. Nonetheless, the project was already successful at substantiating the proposed results from the different Supply Chains into a concrete form by defining the use cases and the corresponding requirements as well as specifications that are needed for the successful demonstration of the project results. To continue the progress towards integration, testing, validation and demonstration, the project partners are currently in the midst of the iterative design and development phase.

A-IQ Ready addresses two major Trends: “Internet of Things (IoT) with 1 Billion $ to 1 Trillion $ revenues” and “From Cloud to Edge” . Can you tell us a bit more about it?

To adress the problems of our time such as climate change and relieving the life of individuals in a fast-paced society and environment, stakeholders are investing more and more into accelerating technologies to fulfill those goals: Data acquisition technologies, AI technologies, and Computation technologies. And all of this is to innovate new IoT devices and increase the capabilities of IoT devices. The idea “From cloud to Edge” shall facilitate this growing demand on IoT services by distributing the duties to different devices or agents along the way, creating an Edge continuum towards the Cloud and back. In this way, the expected real-time information required for further utilization can be leveraged at different stages by the user to improve latency, reliability, and security along the way.

A-IQ Ready will apply three disruptive technologies: Quantum Sensor, Neuromorphic Acceleration, AI in Multi-Agent Systems to build the edge continuum as the digital backbone for the Society 5.0 . What will the impact of A-IQ Ready be on European society and worldwide?

The expected impact on European society should be to relieve the everyday life of the general population so that each individual is able to focus on becoming creative and thoughtful again about the environment and how we want to shape the future of society. The solutions from A-IQ Ready can have the same impact worldwide, especially in countries that are further away from the realization of the so-called digital society 5.0. In this sense, we additionally have to look beyond the proposed achievements from A-IQ Ready and think about what needs to be done to achieve that. The project A-IQ Ready shall provide the basis for that.

What do you enjoy the most about coordinating A-IQ Ready?

I enjoy the engagement and cohesiveness between the partners when they are shaping the demonstrators for the solutions as defined in the proposed work that was put on paper in the proposal phase of the project.

Last but not least, what is your wish for the first year of the project and for the A-IQ Ready consortium?

My wish is that each individual member of the consortium feels comfortable in the project. Each partner shall know that no matter how big or small its contribution is, every specific part is meaningful and provides a puzzle piece to the success of A-IQ Ready.

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